Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 months


You are going through this little pack of monthly stickers way too fast.  You're 7 months old!  I didn't think I could love you this much, but I do.  Your Daddy and I stood over your crib and watched you sleep last night for a little while.  Call us losers, but you're just so sweet.  And you went to bed before we were done playing with you last night.

This month has been a full one.  You are on all formula now, and you've made the transition beautifully.  At 6 months, I stopped pumping.  I never liked pumping at work, but I did it for your nutrition.  Nursing morning and night was amazing.  I loved that time together with you.  However, after I had 3 migraines in one week, I knew it was time to stop.  I started back taking my migraine medication, and you are loving all bottles.  This transition happened just in time because you now have TWO little teeth, your bottom central incisors (I think that's that they're called, the 2 middle ones).

On that note, teething stinks.  Apparently, the only safe things I can do is give you teething rings (you chew everything) and Tylenol.  I hate to give you Tylenol every day, but I also hate seeing you in pain.  You had your first fever last Tuesday.  It got up to 102.6 so we called the doctor.  They wanted to see you.  You had a negative flu test and normal CBC so we deemed it viral.  You were so cuddly while you were sick, but that was the only good part.  You were pitiful for a day or two, but you're back to normal now.

Even while you were sick, you stayed on your eating and napping schedule really well, with the addition of a cat nap here and there.  I loved those extra cuddles.

Your schedule is now something like this:

7-8 am:  8 oz bottle (Sam's formula), oatmeal, fruit
9-10 am:  Nap (sometimes lasts up to 2 hours)
12-1 pm:  6 oz bottle, fruit, veggie
2 pm:  Nap (an hour or so)
4-5 pm:  6 oz bottle, veggie, rice cereal
7-8 pm:  8 oz bottle and bedtime

We want you to be on a schedule similar to us as far as eating so we can eat our meals together as a family.

This stage is a very easy one.  You are generally a super happy kid, and you aren't yet mobile.  You will sit and play with your toys forever.  You LOVE being outside or looking out the window.  You laugh so hard when we play Peek-A-Boo!

You're still in size 6 month clothes, but we need to move up to 9 months.  You're wearing size 4 diapers now.  You're very interested in reaching and grabbing anything and everything.  Napkins, earrings, you even tried to take your own diaper off this morning.

Sometimes you'll get into the crawling position, and you scoot around a little bit.  Tummy time ends abruptly as you roll over constantly.  You love to be standing up on your feet.  Aside from being sick and teething, you're sleeping really well.  We still rock you for naps, but we put you down awake for bedtime.  It works for us.  You babble a little bit.  Ga-Ga-Ga is your favorite noise.  You love to have your hands in your mouth, and you'll occasionally suck your thumb.

You *usually* love bath time in your rubber ducky tub.  You splash your chubby legs around like crazy, and you kick them around whenever you're excited.  It's adorable.

This time is going by way too fast.  I absolutely love this age.  You are hilarious, adorable, and perfect. Daddy and I pray for you all the time, that you'll be happy and healthy, that you know you're loved, that you'll have good friends, and eventually a good wife.

We love you more than you'll ever know, Wilson.  Thanks for being our son!!!

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Alyssa said...

Hes so sweet! Love him!