Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carrie Underwood

I gave Caleb tickets to Carrie Underwood for our anniversary back in December.  We both like a couple of her songs, and who doesn't love her legs?  I think I scored some serious Wife of the Year points giving those tickets.  My mom decided to buy tickets for Jordan, Kayla, John, and Brittnee, too, and we all went together Tuesday night.  

John helped Britt with her makeup on the way to the Bilo Center.

Hunter Hayes opened for her.  The teenager girls went cray cray for him.

She's a really good singer, and it was worth the money just to hear "Jesus take the Wheel."  That song was my ring tone and alarm clock during college, and I'm pretty sure my roommate B. Flowe is still haunted by the tune.

After seeing Taylor Swift a few weeks ago, I have to admit T. Swift puts on a better show than Carrie.  BUT... we had a great time at both concerts.  

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