Monday, April 22, 2013

Yard Work

There's something about a free Saturday and 70 degree sunny weather that makes you wanna do yard work.  And there's something about yard work that makes you really feel like an adult.  Caleb and I are thankful for my brothers and their help with our yard this week.  And my mom helped out, too : )

Jordan came up earlier in the week and got started by cutting the grass with his enormous lawn mower. I think he was a little overwhelmed when he saw all of our flower beds and bushes, ha.  We know the feeling.  You don't realize how much yard you have until you decide to actually work in it.

These beds were pitiful.  Check out those weeds!

That mulch was in desperate need of some freshin' up!

What do you do with the 8 month old after his morning nap when it's yard work time?  Why, put him in his exersaucer in the front yard of course.  He LOVED it.

Yikes!  I'm kinda embarrassed we let the yard get this bad.  Can we blame that bed on the neighbors?  It's bad because a lot of our neighbors are retired and have amazing yards.  We were becoming those people.

Oh Hey Wilson!

John brought up his amazing leaf blower, and he let me try it out.  That thing was so cool!!!

Here we go!  Watch out Wilson!  He's just hanging out in his swing, duh.

Gigi saved the day by letting him cool off while drinking a bottle.  

Caleb cut the weeds while John sprayed them down with some powerful weed killer!

We're almost done!  5 bags of leaves, 8 scoops of fresh mulch, and 6 hours later...

I may try to take some after pics this week.  It might not look like much to you, but we were rather proud of ourselves : )

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