Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My First Mother's Day!

Mother's Day has taken on a whole new meaning to me this year.  I have always appreciated my mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunts, and other mother figures in my life, but now I know that love they feel.

We went to Georgia 2 weekends ago to celebrate Mother's Day and for Wellsleigh's first birthday party, but we forgot our camera in the midst of Wilson's sickness.  I'm so bummed.

We celebrated Mother's Day this past weekend at the lake.  

Wilson had made my mom sick with whatever crud we had, and they were reunited last Saturday.  

I'm so thankful for my mom and for that little guy who made me a mom.  I still can't believe it's true!

Wilson got just a little bit of attention from his aunts and cousins.

He wants to walk now!  Slow it down, buddy.

Aunt Neenie!

Wilson and Jeanie chased a lizard around, and he loved it.

Yuck!  I better get used to bugs and dirt having a little boy...

My mom and her sisters with one happy boy.  We sure did miss Mama Deanie, but I trust she's in Heaven smiling at all of us.

I felt like I hadn't seen Anna in forever!  She's working nights as a nurse so our schedules are just different.

Wilson has a pitiful pout face, and we tried to imitate it.  Is it mean that we just laugh at him when he does it?

Christy let him touch the dirty lake water.

On the pontoon!!

Brittnee had to work so John was flying solo.  Well, I guess the bumble bee was his friend for the boat ride.

Travis and his boys brought their fishing boat.

Driving the boat with Papa Curt wore this little one out.

Playing with Da-Da.  Da-Da is his FAVORITE word.  You would think he'd give me one "Ma-Ma" for mother's day, but NOPE.  Just Da-Da-Da-Da-Da.

Uncle Sonny!

First popsicle

Da Da lets him pull up on EVERYTHING, and he loves it.

We had a great lunch and lots of fun with family!  Sunday was such a special day, too, with just our little family of 3.  I'll recap it next : )

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