Monday, May 13, 2013

Wilson's 9 month Stats

We had Wilson's 9 month well check this morning, and I'm so thankful for a good report.  Here's his stats:

Weight:  21 lbs., 73%
Length:  28.25 inches, 46%
Head Circumference:  18 inches, 74%

He's growing like a little weed.  He was so happy and giggly at the appointment today.  He must have known there were no immunizations at 9 months.  : )

We talked about him being in his new car seat and that it needs to stay rear facing for a year at least.  We will go as far as we can go 2 years, but I don't know...  He has a little bit of dry skin under his chin so we are going to try some Aquaphor and maybe some hydrocortisone for it.  I'm gonna keep making him eat his veggies and drink his formula.  She said he needs 24-32 ounces a day.  We do that *most* of the time.  And we also got the green light for trying Zyrtec or Benadryl for his little runny nose when he needs it.

I hope he enjoys his 12 month visit just as much.  I'm NOT ok with that being our next appointment.  He's growing up too fast!


Brooke said...

i kinda love that wilson weighs the same as ellie. sweet thing.

Brooke said...

and aquaphor and hydrocortisone are our "go to's". we pretty much bathe E in aquaphor nightly after her bath!!

Amy said...

so your 9 month old is almost as tall as my GIANT 6 month old and has the same size head. haha!!