Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day/my b-day at OIB

We spent Memorial Day 2013 being Ninja Turtles.

Boys will be boys...

Getting sunscreen on a wiggly 9 month old is no small feat.  It takes time, energy, and patience.  We're all worn out once it's done.

Happy Memorial Day!

The next morning was my 28th birthday, and I loved waking up to this view with these 2.

Wilson watched the cars go by!

And I snagged him for a few sweet snuggles.  The 3 of us went out to breakfast at a little restaurant by the pier.  

Trying to get a beach picture with this guy was a chore, albeit a fun chore, as well.

He prefers to be down and walking.  Snap a quick pic if you're lucky.

Here we are on my 27th birthday, 27 weeks pregnant!

And I turned 28 on the 28th this year!  I'm so glad this little guy is out of my belly!

This picture doesn't prove it, but he did a pretty good job wearing a hat all week.

Pool fun!

After hours of begging, we finally convinced Garrison to jump in holding hands and NOT actually TO someone.  He loved it!

We went to Calabash for dinner that night.  The cousins took their annual swing pic, and they really did pretty well sitting there.

McElroy Fam!

 Our little fam!

Gramme and Papa with the grands


The little ones!

It was one fun and sun-filled day!

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