Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ocean Isle 2013

Warning:  You're gonna feel like you were basically at Ocean Isle with us from the number of pictures I have.  It's the baby's first beach trip.  What kind of momma and daddy doesn't take 483 pics?

Everybody was so excited to see each other on our first day there!

We were in the pool within a couple of hours.

Wilson just dove in head first.  Literally.  He's a fish.

Mabry and Chad didn't make the trip because she's 38 weeks preggers with Laurel so we got to all share sweet Ben.

Pre-tan pic.  Wow we're WHITE!

Wellsleigh went straight to Caleb's shoulder when she arrived, and we wondered why.  Poor thing had a double ear infection.

Wilson will be learning so much from these 2 big boy cousins.  Good and bad : )

Gramme with the 2 little babies.  They won't be the the babies for long.  Laurel's coming soon!

Day 2 in the pool!

Jump on in!


My mom bought Wilson this pool, because, well, because she buys him all sorts of random things.  It ended up being perfect to have by the big pool.  He loves it, and it keeps him shaded.

Erin and Wellsleigh.  Wells was just 2 weeks old on our beach trip last summer!

Papa Craig did lots of pool time with the boys!

That suit.  And that Hat!!!

Jump, Garrison!

Snack time by the pool is the best.

Hey Wellsleigh!

This kid loves him some sand.

I think they would have stayed out there for hours!

Caleb and cousin Evan took the little man for a stroll down the beach.  I 'm surely they looked super manly to all the people they passed.

We accidentally color coordinated Sunday night so we had to take a "navy pic."

We made it through 2 days now... : )

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