Monday, June 3, 2013

Wilson meets the Ocean!

There are few things in this world AWESOME as the ocean.  Caleb and I both love the beach, and we hope Wilson does, too.  So far, so good.

We went to Ocean Isle Beach last week with the whole Massengill crew, and we were so excited to take Wilson out onto the beach the moment we got there.  Literally.  Caleb, Wilson, and I were the first ones there, and it was so special to walk him out there for the very first time.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway of the house, we hopped out and headed for the beach.

Here we go!

He loved "walking" on the sand.

After a 4 hour car ride, we were all ready for some leg stretching on the beach.  (I was a bit nervous about the car ride, but he did great.  We left around 8:30 AM, and he slept almost the whole way there. He would wake up on occasion but stayed pretty happy.  About 45 minutes from the beach, he got a little hungry, but luckily Gigi had sent us all a snack of ham and cheese croissants for the road.  Wilson gobbled his up!)

My 2 favorite beach bums!

Wilson saw sharks for the first time.  They were just hanging out on the sand.

Caleb LOVES swimming in the ocean.  He's training his boy to do the same.  It makes me nervous, all those waves and stuff, but whatev.  Just be careful : )

I pretty much love this picture of those sweet boys.

Our first beach picture as a family of THREE.  I've dreamed of the days I'd be chasing around a baby on the beach, and now that day is happening.

No more sun bathing and book reading.  Nope.  Now we just try to not let him eat too much sand or drown in too much salt water.

It was a great start to a memorable beach vacay!

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Alyssa said...

I LOVE that picture of Wilson and Caleb!! I think that is a framer :)