Monday, July 29, 2013

Myrtle Beach 2013

We spent last week at Myrtle Beach with my family.  We've been going to Myrtle Beach since forever, and I love that Wilson gets to experience it now.  With all the rain we've had this summer, we've been more than blessed with excellent vacation weather.  It was sunny and warm every day!

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and hit up the lagoon pool.  They have a DJ, a swim up bar, and all sorts of excitement at this pool.  Wilson enjoyed being able to walk into it himself.  

The boy loves him some water!

Papa Curt let him just jump right on in - face first.  He's a firm believer in learning how to swim before age 2.

 But when he's done, he's done.  Gigi to the rescue to wrap up the little guy!

We went out to the beach for a little while on Monday after runs/walks, playing cards, and napping.  It was pretty hot and crowded, but we lasted a couple hours out there.  Wilson loves the sand!

I remember jumping waves all the time as a kid with my daddy, and now Wilson gets to do it, too!

Our little family of 3 in Myrtle Beach!!!

John and Britt - they should really consider going on a diet and working out sometime.

Wilson Photo Bomb!

That little face says it all.  He drank ocean water, pool water, and ate some sand.  I gave up.  He had fun, and that's what matters.

Jumping with Gigi

I am so glad he loved the lazy river as much as he did.  We spent lots of time just floating around with him in our laps.  It was so relaxing. 

We planned to eat at Drunken Jacks on Monday night, but the wait was 2.5 hours at 5:00.  What the world?!  So we went to Creek Ratz for a 10 minute wait.

We love the marsh walk in Murrells Inlet!

Wilson's grandparents let him escape from his hair chair as soon as he finished his dinner.

2 more days to go!

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