Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Splish Splash!

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is bath time.  There's just nothing sweeter than a clean, sweet smelling baby.  The smiles and splashes during the bath are just adorable, too.  We let Wilson and Olivia take a bath together one night a few weeks ago after a walk and dinner.   It was a bit hard for Matthew, Olivia's dad, to be OK with it, but we reminded him they are just babies.  She won't be scarred forever, HA.

The dads get the babies ready for the tub.

They LOVED playing together in the water.  

Then the moms step in to throw a little soap on 'em.

They love eating the letters.

Sweet friends!

Wilson's current favorite thing to do in the tub is stand with his ducky and turn the water on and off.  I get so nervous he's gonna slip and fall, but let's be honest - he's got a pretty thick booty to catch his fall.

I can't wait for bath time tonight.  It just gets more and more fun every time!

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