Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ingram Reunion

About 3 years ago, I visited Smithfield for the first time.  Well, we returned last weekend for the Ingram  reunion to visit with Caleb's dad's extended family.  It was very special to take Wilson to the house where his great grandfather lived and to meet so many special people.

These pictures are in some random order (I still struggle with blogger), but they're all from the same fun-filled day.  The reunion is at a little church with a playground in the back yard.  Caleb and I played basketball while exhausted Wilson literally sat as still as I've ever seen him and just watched by the end of the day.  Here's what led up to that exhaustion...

He LOVED when I was swinging beside him.

And he LOVES when Daddy pushes him SO high!

We gave the see-saw a try.

Gramme tried to keep him going with some sweet tea at the reunion lunch.  What are grandparents for?!

And here's our little gang just before leaving.  It was so great to see everyone!

We spent the night on Saturday at Mr. Massengill's old house.  These 3 Massengill men would make him proud!

Jeanette is like a grandmother to all of us, and we appreciate her kindness.

She got some sweet snuggles with Wilson.

He's trying SO hard to walk, down the same path his daddy used to walk on I'm sure.

During the lunch, Wilson preferred to just play underneath the table.  Whatever works.

"Here I am, Ma!"

He loved swingin' in the sunshine!

I could kiss those sweet cheeks all day long.

We loved playing outside!

Daddy pushes a little higher ; )


After the fun in the sun, we re-loaded the car for the 4 1/2 hour drive home.  We made great use of songs, books, singing stuffed animals, and even bubbles to keep this kid entertained.  All that driving was worth it for Wilson to be able to experience his family reunion with his Papa Craig.

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