Monday, August 5, 2013

ONE YEAR Beach Pictures

I'm so thankful that the timing of family vacations worked out so that my talented friend Melissa was able to take Wilson's ONE YEAR (I'm in denial) pictures at the beach.  We chose Huntington Beach State Park which is a special place for us.  Caleb and I went there for the first time together back when we were just dating, and we fell in love with how pretty it is.  Then we took John and Brittnee's engagement pictures there 2 years ago.  And now, we have pictures as a family of 3 there.  So special!

I love all the pictures so it's hard to choose just a few.  Pardon the million annoying family pics, but this is my scrapbook to be printed at the end of the year.

We met there at 7:30 am, bright and early.  

Wilson is a happy kid first thing in the morning so it was perfect.  

He loved the sand and water.  We had to try to keep him somewhat clean and dry.

It was so pretty out there and such a great reminder to cherish every sweet moment we have with each other enjoying God's creation.

I will never get tired of that sweet face.

He brings so much joy to our lives!

Those 8 little teeth make the sweetest smile.

I'm so blessed to have Caleb as my partner in this journey of parenting.  He's the best daddy ever!

Seriously, this kid is my world.

Typical Wilson face of boredom.  "Let's move, people!"

Getting him to sit still is no small feat.

He's loving cruising on everything, and he's finally now standing on his own.  

He looks grown up here.

Those eyes make it hard to ever pop him when he doesn't listen, but don't worry - I manage to do it somehow.

Strong boy can hold himself up!  Watch out!

I love these 2 boys to pieces!  Wilson may look a lot like me, but he acts a lot like his daddy.  They have the same sweet, funny demeanor.

Wilson love for you to "get him" or "throw him away!"

And he is one fast little crawler!

That birthday bubble keeps him looking like a baby.  Can he wear it forever?!

The stillness doesn't last long.

I think it was during this picture that Caleb accidentally broke my sunglasses in his pocket.  It could have put a damper on the day, but I took it as an opportunity to get new ones.

We had such a great time taking the pictures, and now we have something to last forever.

Melissa even caught a rare moment of just the 2 of us.  

So many pictures and so much fun!  We went out to breakfast when we were done before Wilson crashed for a long nap.  We love you, little buddy, and we love making memories with you!

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