Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wilson Walked!

Yesterday, August 28, 2013, (which is a special date since Aug. 28 was my due date last year) Wilson took his first 2 unassisted steps.  For weeks now, we have been making laps around our house with him holding one hand.  He had gotten pretty good at that. 

We were at Pete's restaurant (of all places!) with my mom, Jeanie, Anna, and JM last night.  He had already eaten and gotten tired of being contained in the high chair while we ate so we took turns letting him get down.  I was "walking him" until he stopped just a couple steps away from Caleb.  Caleb and I cheered him on and WOO HOO!  He took 2 steps to his daddy!!!  Unfortunately, we didn't have the cameras out, and of course, he didn't do it again.  But we are SO proud of him!  And don't worry - there will be lots of pictures and videos when it happens again!

Here's a few recent random iphone pics - He has gotten so good at standing by himself.  This was from the lake last weekend.  Those big boy pajamas make him look so old!

Caleb and Wilson cut grass together for the first time last weekend at the lake, too!

Uncle John (who we have deemed Wilson's "coach") worked him hard last weekend.  That hard work paid off, Coach!

So, Caleb and I had nursery last Sunday.  We had 11 babies between the 2 of us, ages 6 months-15 months.  This picture sums up the 2 hours.  

He makes grocery shopping so much more fun!

Tantrums have already started.  I think this one happened b/c I wouldn't hold him while I chopped up veggies for dinner Sunday night.  A knife and a wiggly baby didn't sound like a good combination.

He got over it and was all smiles during dinner!  I love that kid!

Monday brought about his first black eye - first, he fell onto his crib while climbing it like a maniac, and then he fell in the bath tub!  I did my best to hold ice packs on, but he was not a fan.   It looks better now thank goodness!

I hope to have some walking pictures and videos to share soon, probably just as randomly as all of these pics.

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