Monday, August 26, 2013

Banks' First Birthday Party

We were so excited to celebrate Banks' first birthday party at Lake Murray on Saturday at Alyssa's parent's house.  I can't believe these little guys are ONE.  It seems like just yesterday Alyssa and I were whiny preggo ladies, and now we have 2 little boys who are BFF's.

Of course, Wilson fell asleep on the way to the party (Carseats are way more comfortable than cribs to him) so Caleb and Matt played a little b-ball while W finished his nap.

Alyssa had lots of cute decorations for the golf-themed party.

This picture is my best attempt to get one with Banks.  That's sad, but that boy is a wiggly worm!!!

 Little Cogdill Family!

Cute cake table!

Blakely (Banks' cousin) is 100% girl and 100% toddler.  She was so much fun!

Banks had his own golf course in the back yard.

The boys and their daddies

The birthday boy!!

They're starting to really play together, and it makes me so happy.

These 2 are quite the dancers!

"Mom, why won't he get up and play with me?  Doesn't he know I can only stand for 30 seconds before I fall?"

They must have found something to catch their attention!

Caleb and I sure do love these 2 little boys - we're banking on them being college roommates one day.

Cam Cam had Wilson running around the house at one point.  

Nosy, nosy boys...

Banks was a PRO with his cake.  He loved it!!!

Told ya!

This party was the first time all 5 of us have had our babies together.  It's such a blessing to be going through the whole new mom thing with such great friends.  Megan with Patrick (4 months), Cameron with Piper (1.5 months), Alyssa with Banks (almost 1 year), Catie with Carter (almost 4 months), and me and Wilson (just turned 1).

It was my first time meeting sweet Carter!  She's a doll!

Piper Poo just napped right there on the sofa with everybody around.  What a good baby!!!

This picture will be great black mail one day - 2 boys fighting over the girl's baby doll and stroller.

Mandy and Wilson were dressed alike so we tried to get a picture of it.  It didn't exactly happen.  Here's the best we could do!  Wilson was wild for Mandizzle!

Banks, thanks for inviting us to your party!  We had a great time!  You are such a cool kid and a great friend to Wilson!

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Alyssa said...

I love this! The picture of them fighting over the stroller is HILARIOUS! Blackmail for sure. Thanks for coming, it wouldn't have been a party without our Aunt Kat Kat, Uncle Caleb, and our BFF Wilson :)