Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wilson's First Day of Preschool

I have been thinking and praying about when and where to send Wilson to "preschool" since he was itty bitty.  We are forever thankful to my mom for taking such great care of the little guy this whole first year.  My 8 weeks of maternity came and went super fast, and I could not imagine sending him to strangers that early.  And now, at a year old, I am still having a hard time with the fact that he's in a new place, with new people.  However, I feel 110% confident that he is in the perfect place for him.

I always woke up extra early every year on the first day of school, and apparently Wilson shares my enthusiasm.  He was up and at 'em at 5:15 yesterday morning.  Luckily, he took a little nap in our bed before having to get up and get ready for "school."

I thought he looked adorable in his little outfit and big boy shoes.  He's great at standing now which helps with posed pictures.

His bookbag was packed with a lovie, blanket, bibs, and change of clothes.

His first ever lunchbox was filled with a banana, yogurt, cheerios, and a grilled cheese.

Mrs. Suzanne and Mrs. Chrissy said he didn't eat very much of it on day one, but we're hoping it will get better.

When I dropped him off, he gave me this confused look while Mrs. Chrissy held him.  As I turned the corner, I heard the cries start.  Loudly.  I stayed strong and left.  Luckily, one of the sweet directors emailed me around ten saying he was peacefully sleeping.  I'm so thankful for that.

I thought about and prayed for him all day long.  He shed lots of tears, but overall, I think he did OK.  I had several sweet friends check in on him when they dropped off and picked up their kiddos.

I drove so quickly to pick him up after work.  He was happily riding around in the stroller when another little girl, and we were both so excited to be reunited.

He told me all about his day on the way home, HA.

I hope and pray he grows to love going to First Baptist, seeing his friends, and bonding with his teachers.  

This picture is my favorite - he is such a ham!!!

Thankfully, I still have 1 1/2 days off each week with him, and my mom still keeps him one day each week.  We're not quite ready to let him go every day ; )

That backpack is bigger than the boy!

"Mommy, I can hardly stand up with this big thing!"

My baby boy is growing up!  Slow down, Wilson!!!

Mommy and Daddy love this little guy to pieces, and we know he's going to do continue to do great at PreSchool!


Christine {Our Traveling Nest} said...

It's so hard letting them out of your sight and care those first few weeks but it does get better! Especially as he starts to enjoy his teachers and friends. I'm impressed he can hold that backpack up! :)

Kathryn said...

Haha! He's a strong kid with his backpack! And it does get better - already on Day 2 he did a little better with drop off : )