Monday, September 16, 2013

13 Months

When people ask me how old Wilson is, I have been saying "he just turned one."  Now I have to say 13 months.  Time keeps going faster and faster.  I'm not sure how long we'll keep up with the monthly updates, mainly because he's way too busy to sit in his chair for a picture.


That smile!!!

You are a wild man.  You are taking off with this whole walking thing.  We've tried to make lots of videos because it's so darn cute.  You will still cruise when you get to a wall, but you can make laps around the house without any help at all.  You prefer to have something in your hand - bubbles, remote, a stick - while you walk.  You're apprehensive about walking when you are in an unfamiliar place.  You do the best at home or at Gigi's house with people you know.  You are such a little monkey climber, under chairs at the kitchen table, on shelves in the living room, anywhere.  You rarely crawl anymore.

Preschool update:   Ugh.  You still cry when I drop you off.  Like ticked off cry.  Chrissy and Suzanne say you like to be "on the go."  I believe it.  You are happy if outside playing, in the stroller, or in the big kid room.  Unfortunately, they won't move you up until you are a full time walker.  As bad as I want you to stay a baby, I want you to walk so you'll be happier there.  You nap in the swing at school which blows my mind.  You never liked a swing as an infant, but my motto with preschool, and heck with life in general, is "whatever works."  When I pick you up around 4 or 5, you are usually playing happily in the floor with the other babies.  You're the only boy in your class.  Maybe you just need some big boys to run around and be rough with.  Oh, separation anxiety...  When does it end?!  It really is sweet for me, but for anybody besides me, Daddy, or Gigi trying to care for you, it's a doozie.

Eating:   You eat whatever we eat - oatmeal and cheese toast, blueberry waffles, biscuits, or eggs, and a cup of whole milk for breakfast.  Lunch is deli meat, leftovers, yogurt, banana, and a veggie if we try hard enough.  And a cup of milk.  Dinner is whatever we eat, too.  With a cup of milk around 7 or so.  You drink water the rest of the day and sometimes snack on Gerber Crunchies.   You LOVE those things.  If you're not ready to eat, i.e. need to poop, want to play, etc., I've learned it's just better to wait.  You'll eat when you're hungry enough.  And you really aren't picky when you're hungry.  Last night you ate whole wheat pasta, organic marinara sauce, and carrots like a champ.  Sometimes Crunchies are the only thing you'll take.  Who knows?!

Sleeping:  You are sleeping great at night.  I still rock you to sleep.  I like it.  You like it.  So I do it.  If you wake up in the middle of the night though, you're on your own to get back to sleep.  And you can do it pretty easily.  I hear you cry/whine on the monitor for a couple of minutes, and then you lay back down and go night night again.  You usually sleep from 8pm-7am.  Sometimes you sleep as late as 8 am.  I think you do fine without a morning nap.  If you're in the car, you'll sleep.  Otherwise you nap around 1 pm, after lunch, for over an hour.

You are Mr. Independent - feed yourself, brush your own teeth, help dress yourself.  It's cute, but I want you to be a baby for as long as possible.  Your sweet smile and real belly laugh are the best.  You laugh hysterically when I slap my own arm or leg.  Sounds weird, but yesterday, I stepped in an ant pile while you were sliding, and you cackled like a maniac while I beat the ants off my foot.  You've been such a good sport throughout the whole townhouse thing.  We recently evicted our renter and re-listed it to sell.  You have "helped" us clean the house and work in the yard.

Here's a few random phone pics - I bought you these 2 books for your first day of preschool.

You are getting super tall and can reach almost everything in the house.  Needless to say, the knives have been moved.

Here you are being such a good sport @ the townhouse.

So darn sweet.

Daddy went to the USC/UGA game, and we cheered the Dawgs to victory from home!

We actually cheered for them from Haywood Mall and Chuy's with Jeanie and Gigi ; )

We love you to pieces, and we always will!  You're the best, Wilson!!!  Thanks for being so adorable and so sweet : )  We're so blessed!

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