Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mud Run 2013

Caleb did the Mud Run a couple Saturdays ago with John, Andrew, and Don Raye.  John is a workout-aholic, and it was all his idea.  Originally, he wanted Caleb, ME, BRITTNEE, and John to do it.  No, thank you.  I love to run, but I do not love to run and be muddy.  Britt and I will do the next not-so-dirty 5k with them.  Glad they got to have some guy time : )

Wilson was thrilled to be out and about on a Saturday morning!

Here's the non-runners!

And the athletes.

So tough.

Or maybe not.

Gigi and Wilson ran all over the course.

Ready, Set, Go!  I don't know why I didn't anticipate John doing something stupid like DIVE into one foot of mud, but I really didn't see it coming.  So I don't have a great action shot.

He's completely submerged here.

And there he comes up out of the mud.


Jump, Caleb!!!  HAHA.

Andrew barrel rolled over the telephone pole.

4 crazy boys swimming thru the mud

And they're off to the next obstacle.  Most of the course was in the woods so we couldn't watch it.  We spent those 30 minutes or so entertaining Wilson and watching muddy people come out of the woods.

It rained a little so Prince Wilson got the umbrella.

Almost to the finish line

They did it!

And John had some abrasions to show for it.

Caleb and I had Date Night that night, and I noticed mud in his ears on the way.  That was after 2 showers.  That stuff gets caked on.  Yuckola!  Glad the boys had fun!  It was fun to watch : )

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