Friday, September 20, 2013

Papa Craig's 60th B-day

We traveled to Watkinsville last weekend to celebrate PaPa Craig's 60th birthday!  And today is Gramme's b-day too.  That's one house filled with birthday-ness.  Happy Birthday to ya'll!!

Wilson gave Papa Craig his big 6-0 card early Saturday morning!

Just carrying in the balloons, AKA the best part of any birthday.

I love my silly boy!!!

Pure sweetness.

This little cousins had lots of fun together.  We all had fun lunch at a restaurant downtown.  Thankfully they had lots of space to run around outside for the kiddies.

I could just eat her (and those pigtails) up!

The littlest cousin arrived, 45 minutes late ; )  What a diva.

Just trying to get a shoe back on.

It's worth the effort for a big group shot!

I had these 3 on my own for a few minutes, and the back seat of the car made the most logical sense for entrapment.

Laurel was a perfect party guest.  She wore her hat and ate her cake.

I don't think Wellsleigh is too fond of the candles...

Happy 60th, Papa Craig!  Glad we were all there to celebrate your big day with you!

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