Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

2 weekends ago, Caleb, Wilson, and I went to Nivens Pumpkin Patch.  We literally live 5 minutes away from it, and I love being so close to such a fun fall place.  It was still a little warm to be at a pumpkin patch, but we didn't mind.

We arrived as the hay ride was going by, and Wilson was thrilled to catch a wave from the lady onboard.

Who's that cute little scarecrow?

I loved capturing pictures of Wilson playing and having so much fun!  The one thing they wouldn't let us do was ride the little go carts.  He's too small this year.

I love that little boy, and I'm pretty sure he's blowing a kiss to somebody.

Nivens is very educational.  Now Wilson knows how a pumpkin grows.

He's still a little small for the corn maze.  Maybe next year we'll let him run through it.  I'm pretty sure he would have just gone into the corn this year.

Luckily, a sweet family with twins traded off for family shots with us.  There's good people around here.

And yes, Caleb and Wilson are dressed exactly alike.  I bought W the jon jon a while back and then happened to see a shirt with the exact same print at the Polo outlet.  So Caleb got a new shirt, and I got some matching boys.  Win Win!

The plastic play house was a huge hit.

Peek A Boo

That face!

There are tons of animals at Nivens, and Wilson made laps around them making noises.

His favorite was Bubba, the cow.

We love each other : )

Pumpkins are his favorite fall toy!!!

Runnin' thru the patch

Daddy wanted to play, too!  

Cute boys ; )

We had a blast celebrating Fall at Nivens Pumpkin Patch!!!

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