Thursday, December 12, 2013

16 Months


You are 16 months old today!  I love your sweet, cuddly, wild little self so much.  My favorite time of the day is when you come cuddle in the bed with me while you drink your milk in the mornings.  You're just so sweet at that time of day, and well, most of the day, too ; )

Your favorite thing to do is nod your head YES.  You also do NO, but you love nodding YES when we ask you questions.  

Your speech is coming along slowly, with your fave word being "Uh-Oh."  You know when to say it appropriately, and it's adorable.  You also say:
Ho Ho Ho
Woof Woof
And rarely, Momma

After bath and books at bedtime, I usually sing "Jesus Loves Me," Jesus Loves the little children," "you are my sunshine," and maybe one other song.  I switched up to Away in a Manger and Silent Night, and you are not having it.  You'll put your hand over my mouth if it's not the right song.  You do not like change, just like your momma.  I'll stick with the same songs, buddy.

You're really into being outside, coloring, trucks, trains, and opening and closing doors.  You LOVE playing hide and seek, running away from me into another room and closing the door.  I couldn't find you the other morning, but luckily, you left your cup outside the guest bedroom door as a clue.  I pretty much panicked for a minute or so.

I'm afraid tantrums are beginning.  You will throw your head (and whole body) back if we try to put you down when you don't wanna be put down.  You are also such a beggar if we have food.  It's hilarious.  You would think we starve you.

Speaking of food, you are still a pretty good eater.  You'll eat veggies really well if they're mixed in.  You still get 3 cups of whole milk a day, some only 6 oz, as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks.  We say a blessing before all meals, and you fold your sweet little hands together.

I think you're gonna be right handed.  You just finished a double antibiotic ear infection treatment.  We took you to Disney on Ice a few weeks ago, and you LOVED it.  Christmas lights and celebrations are so awesome this year.

In regards to discipline, you're gonna be a tough one.  I pop your lil' hand when you continually flush the toilets or pull electrical cords out of the outlet.  It's not working.  I may try time out.

We've started letting you go to sleep on your own at night.  I still read, sing, and rock for a little while, but then I leave the room.  You scream bloody murder for maybe a minute, but then you sleep all night long.  Praise the Lord!

We love you to pieces, sweet boy!!!  I'm so thankful God lets us be your parents!  I love your strong will, funny personality, hilarious faces, and adorable words.

Gone are the days of sitting still for monthly pics.  We love you to pieces!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy!

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Alyssa said...

I just read this after I just did Banks 15 month post...woops a little late :)

Its so funny how many things they do the same...I guess boys will be boys!

Love yall...planning on the week after Christmas :)