Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Garrison is 6, More Thanksgiving

I can't believe my first nephew is now 6 years old.  Time flies!!!

We had little family party the night after Thanksgiving.

The 5 cousins!

Oh, the personality in this one little picture.

Wilson absolutely loved following Ben and Garrison around.  He wants to do whatever they do.  I hope they always remember to be good influences ; )


Every b-day party needs a ninja turtle cookie cake.

These 2 are only 3 months apart, and they love playing together.  They love the same things, and it's adorable watching them run around after each other laughing.

The Roberts came over for the party, too!

Ben and Wilson enjoyed some Thomas the Train riding on Saturday morning.

"Get that camera outta my face.  It's only 9 am."

Sweet cousins.  Ben really is such a great entertainer for the littles.

I'm not really sure what this was about, but I'm pretty sure it involved them both begging to go outside. Go figure.  They won.

Gramme bought matching jammie for all the babes!

And matching smockies for them, too!  I'm telling you…these 2 are trouble.  Up the stairs a million times.

Attempting to get a Christmas card picture...

The last one is my fave by far!  We had a wonderful trip!

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