Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Jeanie's house this year.  It's still weird to me to have a family get together without Mama there.  She will forever be missed, especially on the holidays.

We still had a great time celebrating all the things we are thankful for.

Wilson got no attention all day.  Ha.

Everybody worked hard preparing delicious dishes, and we had tons of food.

I'm so thankful for my lil' turkey.

Anna worked the night before and took a 2 hour power nap before we all arrived.  She's a trooper!

Here's the kids table!

Papa Curt gave Wilson his milk after he ate way too much turkey, green beans, and mac and cheese.

Jeanie's piano room was a favorite.

Everybody gathered around to sing and dance!

Aunt Bibi came all the way from the beach!

You can tell Wilson is the only little person around.  The oldest generation loves on him non stop, and it makes me so, so happy.

Wilson's favorite discovery was the attic.  There are so many awesome toys up there.

Traditional kids pic on the sofa

Love Birds

Attempting a group pic...

Here's the best we could do.

I'm very thankful for family and the time we have together.  It's easy to forget what a blessing that is!

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