Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Decorating with a toddler is awesome.  It's 100% chaos, but 100% awesome.  Wilson is totally enamored by every light, ornament, stuffed animal, and branch of the tree.  Seeing Christmas through his eyes is truly amazing.

I don't usually decorate until after Thanksgiving, but I broke my own rule this year and did it the weekend before.  We did some things after Wilson went to bed (like the village and other very breakable things), but we saved his tree and our real tree for when he could "help."

That face!!

He loved helping Daddy put the star on top!

Mr. Mischief 

Oh, HEYYY camera!

I quickly realized that decorating only the top 1/2 of his tree was the best idea.

We saw our first few snow flakes the day before Thanksgiving!

So we bundled up and went outside to experience.  Nothing stuck to the ground b/c it was so wet, but it snowed for over an hour.

That afternoon, we went to pick out a Christmas tree!

It was sooooo cold!

We went to a place off Reidville Road, and Wilson had a blast running through the trees.

The boys did a great job of getting the tree up.

And outside decorations - well, they were just as fun.  We stood at the window watching Caleb hang the lighted wreaths.  Side note:  I spent lots of time finding the perfect pre-lit wreaths when we first moved into our house.  So when Caleb CUT the lights on accident, I was not a happy wife.  Luckily, he figured out how to replace the fuse, and all is well again.

I love having our house all decorated for Christmas!

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Alyssa said...

So jealous yall got snow!