Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Roper Mountain Christmas Lights

We have loved taking Wilson to see Christmas lights this year.  Roper Mountain Road had some great lights, but I think Wilson enjoyed sitting in the front seat of the car the most.  We went on a Friday night when it was weirdly warm for December.

I think he could have stood there on that stage starting at those lights for hours.

Ho Ho Ho!  Or Just "Ho!" as wilson says it.  And when you ask what the dog says, it's "Woof!"  And "Moo!" for cow.  No Woof Woof, Moo Moo, or Ho Ho Ho!  Just one word ; )

Seeing his face light up at the lights was amazing.

We climbed in Santa's sleigh for a family picture.


Caleb was pretty impressed with this pic of Wilson in the rearview mirror.

We've had so much fun starting new family traditions!

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