Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Day

Now I'm remembering why I took the whole week after Christmas off.  We were on the go the entire week of!  It was a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus's birthday with family!  And here's my final Christmas post.  (Sorry for the monotony, but I like to remember everything)

On Christmas Day, we went to Jeanie's house late that afternoon for Christmas dinner and presents.

This announcement will get its own post, but I just love this picture.  John and Brittnee are expecting a baby in July, and they made a precious Christmas card to share the news.  Watching out aunts and uncles try to get it was hilarious.  They all said "awww, what a sweet picture" neglecting the due date and bow around Britt's belly.  Good times.

Wilson is super excited about a new baby cousin and another little set of cheeks to be pinched at the holidays.

These 2 are Trouble.

Wilson loves Aunt Anna!

This year was the first time in a LONG time Anna has brought a BF to Christmas!  Welcome, Jon Michael!

Crazy Aunt Bibi ; )

THe kids table

Daddy refused to move for our family picture so we all had to come to him in the chair.  Here's the Gregory's.

The PREGGO couple!!!  Love ya'll!!!!

Cousin Christy gave Wilson some precious books.

the 4 siblings

Cheese!!!  Merry Christmas from our family!

Crazy Aunt Jeanie taught Wilson how to make his mouth light up with Christmas beads.

Trouble, I tell ya.

Then it was time for the Chinese Christmas game!  It's a pretty headed time with family.

We no longer buy gifts for everybody, and we play the game instead.  It's really fun!  Of course Wilson still gets gifts…  Spoiled much?  Thankful for a new cousin on the way to take some of the attention!

What a wonderful Christmas!  Aside from Caleb feeling kinda puny, we had a perfect holiday celebrating our Savior with family and friends!

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