Tuesday, January 14, 2014

17 Months


You are 17 months old as of Sunday.  Your post is 2 days late because you have been a little sickie these past few days.  I finally took you to the doctor yesterday morning, and we were advised to begin albuterol breathing treatments every 4 hours and orapred.  I want this in the record book:  I will NEVER give you another albuterol treatment during the night.  At 1 am this morning, you were literally jumping in Mommy and Daddy's bed, having the time of your life (after a treatment at 11pm when you woke up coughing and wheezing).  That stuff had you going strong, my friend.  I'm hoping and praying you feel ten times better now and that we can avoid those medicines that make you cray cray!  

Even when you're sick, you're full of energy and laughter, and truly have a sweet heart.

You LOVE throwing your head backwards, playing hide and seek, chase, blowing kisses, and going outside.  You dance any time we sing or you hear music.  You bounce up and down with that little booty out, and you get your feet going so fast.  You look like a penguin from happy feet!  And you now spin in circles getting ridiculously dizzy all the time.  After you fall, you hop up laughing, and do it all again.

You laugh when we laugh and get excited when we do.  Your favorite word is Uh-Oh! and Bup (cup).  Oh, and Daaaa!  Which we hear all day every day.  Da!  Dada!  Daddy!  Any version of it.  You're obsessed with Daddy, and we love it!

You also say woof, Ho, Moo, Oink, meow, bye Gigi, door, tree, milk, balloon, please (Peez), cheese, thank you (danku), and doodah.

You love animals, especially dogs.  You're a little bit picky with food right now, much worse when you're sick.  You love (sadly) french fries, meat (especially deli turkey), green beans, yogurt, crackers, cheese, bananas, apples, and green grapes.  You prefer a cracker over a cookie any day.  You also love taking medicine.

You wear shoe size 5-6, diaper size 4, 18-24 month clothes.

I love that you hold hands with me when we cuddle and rock at night.  You just learned how to turn your sound machine and humidifier off and on, and you do it all the time.

I noticed that you rush to tickle us when you see skin, mainly to get our tummies and belly buttons.  Well, your teacher told me you lift up the other kids shirts and tickle their belly buttons now, too.  I hope this doesn't get you in trouble one day.

You really are a sweet kid, with lots of energy!  I call your naps "crash naps" because that's really what you do.  You crash from playing so hard for as short a time as possible.  Within an hour or so, you're back up and ready to play again!  I love that energy!  And we love YOU!  Thanks for being ours, Wilson!  

We pray we all figure out discipline together and that you continue to grow as a little boy to love Jesus.

Mommy and Daddy


Alyssa said...

Whats doodah mean? ;)

Kathryn said...

No idea… maybe Wilson will tell us one day ; ) He sure does say it a lot though...