Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve afternoon, we drove down to my parent's house.  Wilson, Mom, and I went to the Christmas Eve service at church.  Caleb stayed home with my dad putting toys together.  But before any of that could happen, Wilson got to open his first present:  A DOG!  He loves dogs, and I would love to get him one.  BUT the battery operated kind will do the trick for now.  I think when he's about 5 or 6, we'll let him go pick out a puppy!  Thanks, Mom, for holding him over with this guy for now.  He loves it!

After church, we opened presents with the rest of the family.  We've done it this way for as long as could remember.  Dad, Mom, Me, John, and Jordan.  And now there's Caleb, Brittnee, and Wilson.  It's such a fun night!

Wilson stayed up the latest he's ever done.  I think it was after 10:00 before he went to bed.

He got so many cute, thoughtful gifts from everyone.

I love watching everybody open presents.  I always have.  It just makes me so happy to watch others open gifts that make them smile.

He loves his new vest, but the Batman boots made him a little uneasy.

John and Britt always gift such thoughtful gifts:  my first chevron pocket tee!

Wilson loved his Mickey from Gigi and Papa Curt.

Jordan thinks he belongs on Duck Dynasty!

The Chaos!  Poor Caleb felt like poo from a pretty bad upper respiratory infection.  He was a trooper though.

The final gift was from Uncle Jordan:  A Duck Dynasty motorized 4-wheeler.

Wilson, you are blessed with some pretty cool uncles!

We had a great time.  Christmas Eve may be one of my favorite nights of the year!

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Courtney said...

OMG the 4 wheeler!!!
and the vest...LOVE!