Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Morning at Home!

We celebrated Christmas morning at our house on Dec. 24.  We like having that time just the 3 of us and then having the big Christmas morning with everybody else on Christmas Day.  We watched our vide of Christmas morning 2012, and it was crazy how different this year is.  We woke teeny little Wilson up in his crib, lying in the center, unable to get up on his own last year.  This year, he woke us up at 7:30 am standing in the crib begging for us to come get him.  I love it!

Big Boy loves having his cup of milk first thing in the morning so he was a little ill by the time we got him.  Luckily, the train table made him quickly forget milk.

He was so excited to see his new toys!

He loved pushing his shopping cart with Mickey all around!

This pictures makes me so happy!

Showing Daddy his new food

After we did Santa presents, we exchanged gifts the 3 of us.  Wilson had to try out his new Nalgene and bathtub crayons right away.

"But I wanna color with my markers now!"

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Wilson ate the whole thing!

And some banana!  He was one happy boy!

I love my new coat Caleb gave me.  I may have helped him pick it out ; )

He got new running shorts, a neck massager, a book, and a GoPro head camera.

My fave gift was a complete surprise and may sound silly, but I love my Lilly lunch box!

And my pretty ring ; )

We stayed in our PJ's most of the day and just relaxed.  It was fun, perfect day!

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