Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas in Georgia

We had round 1 of Christmas the weekend before actual Christmas in Georgia.  It was really nice having it all a little spaced out.  Wilson loved it and got into all the excitement so much more than I anticipated.  It was a magical Christmas for sure!!

He woke up in our bed on pretend Christmas morning after a little early morning whining in the pack and play.  When we travel, I easily resort to putting him in our bed if it means more rest for all.  He was so sweet when he woke up in Christmas jambes and heard the Christmas music.

Video cameras and regular cameras were rolling all morning.

He tee teed in his pants to shirt and diaper it is!  Time to go down the stairs!

Presents made him SO excited!  I couldn't believe it.

It took him a few minutes, but he eventually figured out what all the boxes and paper were.

Santa brought Caleb a gift in a Disney princess box.

Wilson got his first DVD - about a train named Wilson!  

He also got a grill, a farm, a step stool, and several Georgia bulldog goodies.

Thanks Gramme and Papa for making it such a fun morning!

The McElroy's arrived shortly after we opened gifts.  Garrison takes after his daddy and was eager to help Uncle Caleb put together Wilson's new grill.

We told Wilson to give Wellsleigh a hug, and this is what we got.  I think it's hilarious how he hugs with his head.  So stinkin' sweet!  


The McElroy's enjoying their gifts from Wilson

It was a Christmas miracle when we all sat down to eat Christmas dinner together.  That never happens.

I love these bathing buddies.

Kim, Kevin, and Giselle arrived later on Saturday, and Wilson quickly became enamored with Giselle.

Tristan flew in on Sunday.  Caleb went with his dad to pick him up from the airport while we were at church.  I couldn't believe how tall Tristan was and how much hair he has!

We stayed until bedtime Sunday night celebrating with family.  I hate we didn't get to do Christmas with the Blevins this year, but it's difficult to coordinate so many schedules.

Merry Christmas from Georgia!

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