Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Adam

On Christmas Adam (Dec. 23), we have a tradition of getting together with my dad's sister Margie and her family.  We hosted at our house this year, and it was so nice to not have to rush out to get somewhere.  We usually cook a "Christmas ham," but we were lazy this year and had it catered by Midway BBQ.  I love Midway's food, and it was just as good as a home cooked meal.

My mom came up a little early so she was able to give Wilson his bath.  He loves his new bath tub basketball goal.

He also loves getting dressed by Gigi!

We snapped a quick family pic before everyone else arrived.

You know you're from a small town when the food is labeled with your dad's first name.  Everybody knows "Curtis."

Papa Curt and his little buddy had a blast playing with the Christmas cards.

We had a fun night celebrating with Margie, Irv, Erin and Jarryd.  After they all left and Wilson was in bed, Santa's elves got to work.

We did a pretend Christmas morning for Wilson on Christmas Eve.  Santa brought Mickey, a shopping cart, and some wooden food!

We left some goodies out for the fat guy.

I love setting up Wilson's presents with Caleb.  

Night Night, Christmas Adam!

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