Thursday, February 13, 2014

18 Months


You are a YEAR and a HALF as of yesterday.  I canNOT believe we've been blessed to be your parents for that long.  You are the sweetest blessing ever, and I am so incredibly thankful to be your mommy.  You have filled our lives with so much JOY, laughter, and smiles.  You keep us on our toes these days, and I love it so much.  You're growing into being a little boy instead of a baby, and your personality is truly developing.  Maybe I'm biased because you're mine, but you seem to have such a sweet heart.  You love to be with people, and you smile when we smile.  I want to bottle you up!

At 18 months, you LOVE trucks!  You call them "Bucks!" and you yell Buck anytime you see a truck.  It's adorable and hilarious.  We recently turned your car seat around in my car forward facing so you can now really see all the "Bucks!."

Your speech is picking up, and I'm trying to keep a list of your new words:

Bowl (you also use it for plate), help (hup), please (peez), eat, football (but ball), truck (buck), bus, go duke, gigi, papa, dog, book, police (had NO idea you knew what a police car was until you said it a couple days ago), night night, bye-bye.

You wave your hand and blow when you see something HOT - like the stove, dryer, and fire.  You also learned how to turn on the fire place a few weeks ago.  We quickly taught you that's a NO-NO.  (after some laughter)

You enjoy coloring, musical books and toys, and still being outside!

We have been working on not throwing food when you're done eating.  You must have a snack in both hands at snack time (2 cookies, 2 crackers).  

You say "Eyes, Nose" in the sweetest voice when you identify anybody's eyes and nose.  So darn cute.  You also know your hands, fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes, belly, hair, and ears.

You are able to follow simple commands such as "bring me my phone" or "give this to daddy."

You love chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, fruit, yogurt, squeezes, nutrigrain bars, french fries, pizza, green beans, deli meat turkey, and cheese.

Here's your 18 Month Stats:

Weight:  25.56 lb, 70%
Height:  33 in, 72%
Head Circ:  19.49 in 94%

I'm starting to think your hear contributes to those big head measurements now that I'm watching the nurses measure it.  And I knew your height measurement would be moving up because you can reach things you previously couldn't.  That's trouble ; )

We love watching you grow and develop, and you make us SO happy!!!  We pray you continue to grow into a kind-hearted boy who loves Jesus and respects his parents ; )

You helped Mommy make Valentine's for your friends, but I'm afraid you won't even be able to them this week because of all this snow!

You're not much for holding that chalkboard anymore.  We may have to change it up for future monthly pics.  Love you, buddy!!!

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Alyssa said...

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Our kids might live 2 hours apart but they are twins at heart. We need to work on the food throwing thing this weekend, maybe you can teach Banks not to do that too. He just thinks its so funny! Also if W could teach Banks not to scream like a teenage girl at a justin beiber concert all the time that would be great.