Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gregory Mountain Weekend 2014

We had our annual trip to the mountains a few weekends ago, MLK weekend.  It's always nice to get away with the fam and relax in a mountain house for a long weekend.  

Wilson spent the majority of his time here.  He was obsessed with the pool table, pool sticks, and pool balls.  It was his version of a pack and play.  We just dumped him on the pool table.

He loved playing with his uncles.  They're so fun!

It started snowing on our way up the mountain Friday night, and we woke up to an inch or snow of snow on Saturday morning.  It was SO exciting!!!

The boys got all bundled up!

You can barely see his sweet face through the snow suit and coat.


Wilson loved walking in the snow, but when he touched it, he did not like his hands being cold.  Luckily, he has some super cool gloves to fix that issue.

Poor kiddo begged to get in the hot tub.  I didn't think that was the best idea for him.

We caught lots of snowflakes on our tongues!

Our view at this house was beautiful!

The guys spent lots of time playing Setback.

Wilson (and his daddy) was mesmerized by Uncle John's foam roller.  It made for a fun toy.

Here's the whole gang before going to dinner Saturday night.  Mom brought lots of food to have at the house so we didn't have to out much.  Chicken stew and lasagna were perfect mountain foods in the house.

These 2 read lots of books together.  Wilson loves how Papa Curt reads to him.

And he had a blast playing tough with Daddy!

We were able to watch the tram go up and down the mountain right outside our window!

I love lazy day cuddles with this kiddo.

The girls went out shopping on Sunday and left the boys (including W) to play cards, explore the mountain, and be guys!

Those boots are a perfect example of a crazy toddler mind.  He refused to put them on the first time.  An hour later, he refused to take them off.  He ended up taking a nap on the pool table in his boots.  Judge me if you want to.

I'm glad we brought the police car with us.  He pushed it around all day long, in his boots.

If that's not a good looking outfit, I don't know what is.

I'm so glad Caleb captured this face.  He makes it all the time when he gets excited, and I think it's adorable.

Remember how I said he refused to take the boots off?  It's true.

"I want my boots, Gigi."

We played "person, place, or thing" one night, a game I learned at NYE at Cameron's house!  It's officially a Gregory favorite.

We said goodbye to the mountains on Monday.

This boy loved our vacation!

I love that sweet smile!

Cheese!  Gigi, Wilson, and Papa Curt spent lots of QT together, and I'm pretty sure he was mad at us for taking him away from them on Monday.

It's always a great vacation, and I'm already excited for next year!

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