Wednesday, February 26, 2014


John and Brittnee chose a name for their baby before finding out the gender:  Thomas for a boy and Ava for a girl.  So ever since, we've been calling "IT" Thomava.  The time came for that name to be a thing of the past as they had a gender reveal party a few weeks ago.  I'm not gonna lie… I kinda miss calling "it" Thomava, but I do love calling "it" by a real name now!

They had the party at Tabernacle in the family life center, a perfect place for kids to be rowdy and play!

Wilson had a blast waiting to find out what it's gonna be!

Caleb and I guessed girl, and Wilson guessed boy.

Aunt Neenie had some fun with this wild man while waited.

They had a box of balloons to open to reveal!!!

What is it?!?!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

I canNOT be any happier for John and Brittnee.  I'm biased, but having a little boy is so incredibly fun.

Hugs all around!

I was SHOCKED, yet incredibly excited, to see blue balloons!

There's gonna be another little boy for Gigi and Papa Curt to spoil.

Here's Britt's family

And ours.

Wilson can't wait to play with Thomas!!!!  They're gonna be best friends and get into lots of trouble together.  What a blessing!!!!

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