Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We have had plenty of snow in these parts this winter!  And they're actually calling for a little more over the next couple of days!  But then - it's suppose to be in the 70s this weekend.  Cray Cray!

I love snow pictures, and I love playing in the snow with Caleb and Wilson.  Caleb loves it like a little kid.  Wilson loves it as long as he's riding a 4-wheeler, wagon, bike, or golf cart in it.  He's not much for just making snow angels and all.  I'm with ya, buddy!

The first snow came on Caleb's birthday Eve.  We spent the evening playing in Buffalo and eating a yummy birthday meal.  The guys don't mind grilling in the snow.

And I sure don't mind cuddling up with this kiddo.

Caleb tried to encourage Wilson to make snow angels, but he was not interested.

"Get me back inside!!"


28 candles on that apple cake this year!  

Happy Birthday to Caleb!!!

What a fun way to celebrate snow day.

Wilson ended the evening in his happy place - with Bup and Gigi's lap.

The next snow was a BLIZZARD!  We also spent part of that snow time in Buffalo.  Aunt Britt and Thomas joined us for a golf cart ride.

John and Jordan definitely encouraged the chaos that began shortly after this picture.  All of those pics and videos are on phones, but the boys were out of control with 4-wheelers and kneeboards.

We love snow in the country!!

And finally, we ended the blizzard at home.  The day after all the snow fell was perfect for speeding and building a snowman.  We had a blast playing at our house all day!

Getting a wild toddler dressed for snow is no small feat, and I was glad Caleb was able to experience this one.

Off to the big hill!  We have a huge hill in our back yard that goes down onto the golf course.  I may be biased, but I think it's the best hill in the neighborhood.  Neighborhood kids agree as they played on it all day and all night.

Go Caleb!

Wilson and Mommy's turn!!!  He doesn't look thrilled, but I think he ended up having fun.

After sledding, we built a snowman family.  Wilson loved his my size snowman.

It was a perfect day with my little fan!

The best part about snow days is having everybody home and relaxing!

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