Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014

We spent the majority of Easter weekend in Georgia with Caleb's family, but we sadly forgot the camera.  

The cousins had a blast being all together.  They had a visit from the Bunny, dyed Easter eggs, played at Garrison's, went to church, and had an Easter egg hunt.  It was a fun weekend.

We came home Sunday night to have Easter dinner with my family.  The Easter Bunny found Wilson again!

My mom made these twinkie trucks for W.  He didn't quite grasp the concept of it being a truck.  Maybe next year.

The bowling pins and ball were a hit!

The guys helped assemble the new bubble/leaf blower.

Gigi hid Easter eggs all over our back yard for us big kids.  It was so fun!  I felt like a kid again.  Most of them were filled with candy, but certain ones had money.  Caleb nor I found a single money egg, but I was OK with candy.

Papa Curt pushes this boy way too high in his wing, but he loves it!

Happy Easter!  

We had a busy, fun filled weekend celebrating our risen Savior!

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