Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Picnic at the Park

If we aren't out of town or have other plans, we go to my parents house for Sunday lunch.  They are currently renovating their house so those lunches have been far less often.  They have replaced floors, repainted walls, redone bathrooms, and everything in between.  With all those changes, it's hard to find space for everyone to sit down and eat together.  So we got creative and had a picnic at the park a few Sundays ago.  It was the perfect day for a picnic!

Uncle Jordan and Crazy Kayla showed up on the bike.  I hate that thing.

Uncle Jordan makes sliding so much fun!

Spoiled much?

Chasing a little boy looks good on them!  Good thing because they'll have one in 2 months!!  I can't wait to see John and Britt become parents!

Wilson loved feeding the ducks.

It was a fun, pretty day at the park!

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