Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Laurel's Baby Dedication

We went to Georgia a couple weeks ago for our niece Laurel's baby dedication at Caleb's parent's church.  The cousins all got to play together on Saturday.  Wilson loves playing big cousin Ben, and I think the feeling is mutual.  3 years apart, they really play well together.

There's La La!

Wellsleigh and Wilson are only 3 months apart, and they are very good at getting each other into trouble.

Having 3 boys in the back seat of our car was a bit of a shock to our little guy.  Luckily, one little baby back there isn't quite as rowdy.

We took them to a park Saturday afternoon.

I practiced pushing a double stroller.  It's gonna be fun!

And then 4 little cousins took a bath together!  

That fun-filled Saturday wore Caleb out.  He rested with the boys Sunday morning before church.

The Blevins family

Laurel was not a huge fun of the infant baptism, but she did it!

Little Laurel is very loved!  So glad we could be there for her special day!

The Blevins grandparents

And the Massengill grandparents

Oh, Ben...

The boys ate their cupcakes in their undies after lunch.

I can't believe Laurel is already one!  We love our little red-headed niece!

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