Friday, June 13, 2014

22 Months/16 Weeks


As of yesterday, you are 22 months old, dangerously close to 2 years.  This month has been so much fun!  I don't know if it's because I was sick and not as much fun, or if you were just ready, but you have started playing independently a lot more.  Your vocabulary has taken off, too!  Some of your phrases are:

"it hurts"
"higher" - when swinging
"dark" - you have learned the difference in dark and light
"daddy's hat, daddy's shoes"
"Mom-I"  you say mommy like a little british boy, it's adorable
"big truck, big rock, big boat" everything is big!
"side!" outside
"I don't knowwwww" and put your little hands out
"wanna go bike ride"
"cup of water"
"mommadaddy" one word
"hot" you know the difference in hot and cold, especially with food
"watch George" you suddenly became obsessed with Curious George

You point to people in public and call them Papa, Gigi, and Daddy if they resemble them.  You can now count to 3, usually in the form of 1, 2, 3, go!

You're wearing size 24 months clothes and size 5 diapers, size 7 shoes.

You went through a stretch when you were willing to at least try new foods.  It was great.  You really like sausage and cantaloupe as new ones now.

You requests "stars" (twinkle twinkle) and "Jesus" (Jesus loves me) as bedtime songs.  It melts my heart when you look up at me while I sing you to sleep at night.

You have taken swim lessons this month and seem to enjoy the water, especially splashing and playing in it!

In other news, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and doing well so far.  I have started feeling movement which is so amazing!  I pray this baby is growing and developing to be perfectly healthy.  I'm eating and sleeping well, occasionally waking up to potty or with some reflux.  Tums work wonders.  My belly is growing which is super exciting!  I'm praying we have a smooth transition into a family of 4, and I am soaking up this time with just you, Wilson.  

Happy 22 months, kiddo!  We love you!

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You forgot one word under "things he can say:"