Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thomas Dean Gregory

My brother and his wife had their precious little boy on Friday, July 18, and he's the sweetest little thing!  He weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. and is doing great!  He had a waiting room full of people anticipating his arrival on that Friday morning and afternoon.  Brittnee had a scheduled c-section because Thomas was breech.  The surgery was originally scheduled for 10:30 so they arrived a couple hours before that.  It ended up getting bumped back a couple of hours because of some emergencies.

Gigi and Jeanie spent several hours walking around in the waiting room.

The 2 grandmas were watching the door for over an hour.

Ya'll are getting a new grandson today!!!

There were probably 30 people in our group waiting outside the doors.  

Caleb and I stayed back and took selfies.  Because that's what you do while waiting for a baby.

Here comes the new daddy to announce the arrival of Baby Thomas!!!

It was like he was a celebrity!  I'm not gonna lie.  We were all a little worried he was going to faint during the surgery, but he didn't.

He went straight for lunch though, ha!

Oh, heyyyy brand new baby!

Gregory Party of 3!!!

Aunt Kat loved meeting Tom Tom!

Gigi came prepared with cookies, cupcakes, and balloons!

She spelled out Thomas Dean Gregory on the cookies with sprinkles, but you really can't read it.  She tried though.

Papa Curt even came up to sit in the hospital, and we all know that's not his favorite thing to do,

Wilson was at school until after the delivery, but he was able to come up to the hospital later Friday afternoon.

Jeanie fed him chips while we hung out.

I don't think he even realized Thomas was there.

And every big cousin gets a present, right?


Wilson went home with my parents that night so Caleb and I went back to the hospital early Saturday morning to get some Thomas cuddles and deliver breakfast to the new parents.  It was such a quiet, fun time getting to know our newest nephew.

I got Britt out of bed for her first post-op walk!  Go girl!

Praising the Lord for a safe, healthy delivery for mommy and baby!  Welcome to the world, Thomas!


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