Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wilson is TWO!!!!


I canNOT believe we just celebrated your SECOND birthday on Tuesday!  How did TWO years go so quickly?  Time flies when you're having fun, and my life has gotten ten times more fun since having you.  You have grown into such a loving, smart, talkative, high energy, attention demanding, happy toddler.  I can never thank God enough for letting me be your mommy.

You wear size 5 diapers, size 7 shoes, and size 2t clothes.  You can wear some 24 months stuff, especially in shorts.  We have your well check next week so I can what you weigh then.

You love reading books with us and to yourself.  Your favorites are Pup's Numbers, Little Blue Truck, and any Sandra Boyton book.  You play in your room by yourself some now and will call for "Mommmmmyyyyy!" when you're ready for me to play with you.  It's adorable ; )

Your talking really blows my mind.  You repeat anything and everything, and you are able to come up with your own sentences.  We even have full conversations at times, mainly about things you are obsessed with.  For example, you said a few days ago: "I wanna ride golf cart.  Golf cart has flat tire.  Papa gonna fix it."  You can definitely tell us what you want now such as "take police car outside."  It really is helpful to be able to communicate so well.  If you can't hear the TV or a certain toy, you tell us to "make noise."  You say "up there, down there" sooooo country.  Also, the way you say "ants." I can't even handle it.  I love when you say "mommy lay down here" in your big boy bed.  

Speaking of your big boy bed, we just made the transition into your bunk beds last week.  You really decided to do it on your own one night when you crawled into it.  Praise the Lord, it's going really well.  Several nights, you have slept in your bed by yourself for 11+ hours.  You CAN get out and run to our room, but we're praying you continue to stay in there.  (We did let you sleep in "mommy's bed"  on your birthday eve at your request)

We are working on learning, but I'm not gonna lie.  It's kinda hard to get you to sit still and teach you things.  We do a lot of learning on the go.  You CAN count to ten, especially with help, but you only do it when you want to.  You are learning colors and can usually tell me blue and green.  The others are hit or miss depending on your mood.  I have learned that you are NOT ready for flash cards.  I tried them a couple of times, but they just become toys.

You can definitely be a typical picky eater, but you do pretty good for a 2 year old.  Your favorite foods are pizza, waffles, ice cream, watermelon, cantaloupe, french fries, chicken nuggets, lasagna, grapes, goldfish, cheese, green beans, and broccoli.  You drink lots of milk (2% now) and water.

I hope you stay a cuddler for as long as possible.  You love to snuggle in our laps or beside us and hold onto our pinky finger.  It's so sweet!

You do enjoy watching TV sometimes.  One of your faves is on ETV the little "exercise with smart cat" thing.  You do what the cat does, and it is hilarious.  You also love to "play in sink" and "take bubble baths."  Your "bug spray" is one of your favorite toys.  It's a little blue spray bottle from the dollar store.

Wilson, we love you more than you'll ever know, and we are so very thankful to have you!  Thanks for being the precious little boy you are.  We pray that we are able to raise you to be a Godly little boy and to follow Him!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

You woke up so happy in Mommy and Daddy's bed on your birthday!

After putting on your "truck shirt" you found lots of balloons in your big boy room!

Daddy insisted on getting the balloons the night before, and I think he learned the hard way that helium doesn't last that long.

He's lucky you didn't mind.

I made you sausage balls for breakfast, and I think you ate about 7 of them.

We went to lunch at McDonald's, and you loved playing in the play place!

Gigi brought you some cupcakes to lunch!

And of course she brought you a present - a talking Jake.

We gave you a baseball tee, and you loved it!

You also got a new four wheeler and a baseball glove.

I think you really enjoyed yourself on Tuesday.  I hope to always make your birthday a very special day!


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