Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wilson's Words

Wilson's talking has gone bonkers over the past few weeks.  He repeats anything and everything and comes up with the most hilarious things to say.  We have full fledged adult style conversations, and it's so much fun.  I want to remember a few of his favorite phrases and funny things he comes up with.  

"Throw it away" - He uses this phrase correctly with trash but also with anything he doesn't want, i.e. his veggies on his dinner plate.  He'll say "throw it away, Mommy."

"Tootie Monster nom nom nom" - He loves cookie monster right now and will impersonate him.  Caleb can do a pretty good cookie monster, too.  You should ask him to let you hear it next time you see him ; )

For a while, he thought all kids were boys.  He would point to groups of kids at the park or anywhere in public and say "what are the boys doing" or "where did the boys go?"  I've since been trying to teach him about boys and girls.  Now he can identify a girl easily.

While he can destroy a room in about 0.2 seconds, he does prefer for things to be picked up.  If he sees something out of place, he is quick to point out that "somebody made a mess."  He will call me out very quickly if I drop something and don't pick it up right away.  If only he knew how hard it is for a big pregnant momma to pick stuff up, HA.

When he wants to take his bike or car out to play in the road, he checks and proudly announces "No cars coming, Mommy!"

One of my fave phrases is "Daddy, what cha doing?"  He can even say it more clearly when he wants to as "What are you doing, Daddy?"  It's so sweet.

Also, "Mommy way dowwwwnnnn." It melts my heart when he wants me to lay or sit with him.  He's very particular about who he wants then and it can easily be "Daddy way dowwwwwnnn."  So country.

"I spinning in circles.  I get dizzy."  He announces this proudly when he spins in circles.

"Hitball" = Football

When he's tired, he asks for "Mickey Mouseeeee."  Or "Paw Patrol, more bup."  He likes to relax with a little TV and milk at the end of the day.

Wilson's pronunciation of "Baby Wallace" is the cutest ever!  I can't wait for them to meet!

As for other milestones, he no longer sits in a high chair.  He loves his big boy seat and big boy bed.  He's growing up so quickly, but still with zero interest in potty training.  He will ask me to change his diaper now when he poops.  So that's a start, HA.

We love our little Wilson, our silly Willy as Uncle Jordan calls him : )


Alyssa said...

We just recently learned about boys and girls too...mainly because he thought all babies were girls (because he has ALL girl cousins!)...and so naturally Walker was a girl too...uh...

so, we now know Walker is a BOY and the difference between boys and girls :) Its the little things!

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