Tuesday, November 4, 2014

37 Weeks with Wallace

I can hardly believe I am FULL TERM with Baby Wallace this week!  This pregnancy has gone be so quickly, and I cannot WAIT to hold you, sweet boy!!!

Wallace is going to be a BIG boy.  We are doing a growth ultrasound this week, but my guess is he's already 8 pounds.  We've been able to see rolls on ultrasound pictures.  And hair!  I'm so, so excited to see him in person!

Clothing is getting interesting about now.  My size small maternity shirts don't really do a good job of covering my belly anymore.  And I refuse to go buy new stuff for 2 weeks.  So I've been doing lots of maternity camis/tees with cardigans for work and Caleb's tee shirts for sleep.  Now that it's getting cool I can wear leggings and sweater dresses.  I look kinda ridiculous though now with my enormous belly.  I'm getting all the comments, constantly. 

"You look like you're about to POP!"  "When are you DUE?"  "Are you feeling OK"  "Your back has to hurt!."  I even had a drug rep tell me yesterday that he couldn't even look at me because my belly was so big.  Rude.  I will not be prescribing your birth control, buddy.

I love feeling little Wallace have the hiccups, roll around, and give me sweet kicks.  I'm very thankful he's still so active.

Sleep is getting interesting, too.  I'm up to tee tee a couple times a night.  If I don't take Zantac before bed, I'm up with severe pain from reflux.  Oh, and then there's Wilson.  Over the past week or so, he has been waking up every night around 1 am to come get in "mommy's bed."  And we let him.  His little world is gonna be rocked soon so I'm just enjoying the extra cuddles with my firstborn.  We sleep surprisingly well after he gets in our bed now, as long as he goes in the middle.

I have a few contractions here and there but nothing regular yet.  

I'm still crazy hungry.  And I've gained more weight with this pregnancy than I did with Wilson.  Part of that is the excess amniotic fluid plus I think Wallace is a little big bigger.  But my appetite is not backing down.  I eat a bowl of cereal almost every night before bed, Special K.  And I have dessert an average of twice a day.  Thank you, Halloween candy.

I hate to say it, but I THINK we have most everything ready.  I'm sure we will have forgotten a few things, but we will figure it out.  Caleb and I are just so ready for Wallace to be in our arms.  We love you so much already, baby boy!  We are of course nervous about the delivery, whether it's a VBAC or repeat section, but we trust that God will get you here safely kiddo.

Praise God for a healthy pregnancy this far and praying for a safe, healthy delivery for us both!


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