Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Day 2014

We were extra thankful this Thanksgiving, having 2 little boys to call our sons.  I'm always thankful at Thanksgiving for lots of things - my Savior, my family, my health, my friends, my home - but this year, there was just something special about holding that brand new baby boy and that ever so wild 2 year old boy!  Thank you, Lord for blessing us more than we deserve!

We are incredibly thankful for Gigi and Papa.  When they say it takes a village, I believe 'em.  Because it does.  Raising kids is a ton of work, and I don't know what we would do without having my parents 30 minutes away.  I'm so glad they love our boys!

Here's the newest turkey with his Papa!

I can hardly believe we are a family of FOUR!

Wilson loves him some Uncle Jerdan!

Babies, babies everywhere!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year to make it easier with a brand new baby and a mommy who just had a c-section.  Thanks, family, for being willing to come to us this year.  And for cooking all the food.  I did make the sweet tea ; )

Blessed to have some awesome cooks in this fam.

Aunt Bibi met Baby Wallace for the first time!

Angel Baby, I tell ya.

Eating our first ever Thanksgiving meal as a family of four.

The men sacked out after lunch on our new sofa (which I love!!!) and chair.

Somebody worked the night before ; )

Group picture!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Love these people!

The 4 siblings.  This picture will never be the same without my precious Mama Deanie.  We miss her so much!  Here's Jeanie, Sonny, Bibi, and Bev.

Wilson decided he wanted to hold his matching brother.

These 2...

After everyone left, and Wilson decided he wasn't napping, he went to pick out our Christmas tree at a lot near our house.  It was FREEZING!

This picture is the best we could get before I rushed Wallace back to the car to warm up.

I put Wilson to bed that night while Caleb and Wallace decorated the tree.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day for sure!


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