Monday, December 1, 2014

Wallace's First 2 Weeks

These first 2 weeks with Wallace have gone by so quickly.  Don't get me wrong.  The nights are long!  We had a night or 2 when we had to wake him at 3-4 hours, but for the most part, he wakes us to eat every 2.5-3 hours.  So that's hard, of course.  And I'm trying to do as much as possible on my own and letting Caleb rest.  He is definitely willing to do anything I ask, and I needed a lot of help those first few nights while recovering from the c-section.  But I'm feeling a million times better now and am able to do most everything myself.

I tried so, so hard to get Wilson on the BabyWise eat, play, sleep schedule, and it was an epic fail.  With Wallace, I have not read the first thing about what I'm suppose to do, and this kid is a perfect example of that schedule.  During the day, he eats every 3 hours - roughly 7,10,1,4,7 - with short wake times after a milk coma followed by naps.  He sleeps well (knock on wood, praise the Lord) in his Mamaroo and bouncy seat.  He has of course been held for many naps because that's just a fun, sweet thing to do.

And at night, he's waking every 2-4 hours.  After I nurse him and maybe a diaper change if we suspect poop, he goes back to sleep rather easily in his Moses basket by our bed.  We do give him a paci if he's a little fussy, and it's working pretty well.

He's a great nurser and only had an issue latching the day my milk came in.  I pumped just enough to help him out, and he's done great ever since.  He has had a bottle of pumped milk twice and did great with it.  He is back to exactly birth weight (8 lbs 6 oz) today with no supplementing so that means no more waking him at night!  Hooray!  (I bet he'll keep waking us quite often though.)

I call him Angel Baby all the time because that's just what he is.  He is so, so sweet, cuddly, and easy.  God knew what we needed when He gave us this sweet boy.  Big Brother Wilson is realizing how awesome his baby brother is, too.  He finally held him and is always telling him "It's otay baby wawwace."  

Wallace has met all of his cousins, been to Cracker Barrel, and had a night of shopping in Gaffney.  He likes his car seat, hates diaper changes, and loves feeling cozy.

We are incredibly thankful for this easy going gift from above!


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