Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome Home, Wallace!

We brought Wallace home with us on Wednesday, November 19, the coldest day ever!  I had planned for him to wear the same coming home outfit as Wilson, but that was not an option in 20 degree weather.  Luckily, we had a backup plan with an adorable Kissy Kissy sleeper and matching hat.

Daddy gives the best cuddles!

So happy to be taking this little Squishy home!

They roll you out in style at Spartanburg Regional!  And yes - I wore pajama pants home.  It was freezing!

Wilson was at school when we got home so Wallace got busy setting up his big brother gift he got him - a new Thomas train set!  Luckily, Caleb's parents had done a little cleaning at our house while we were at the hospital.  We left it in complete chaos the morning I had Wallace.

Our sweet friend Katherine Davis picked Wilson up from school with her other 2 and brought him home to us.

My mom came up that night and cooked us dinner and helped give Wallace his first sponge bath.

We had to find some newborn zipper sleepers and our zipper sleep sack swaddles, and we were ready to go to bed!  My mom slept on our couch that night just in case we needed back up with Wilson.  Well, it's a good thing she did because Caleb decided to fall asleep while putting Wilson down at 8:30, and I didn't see him again till 1 am.  I was super jealous of the 4.5 straight hours of sleep he got, but it's proof of how tired we were already.  My mom helped me get Wallace for his first feeding since I was still pretty sore.  

Dad of the year fell asleep with Wilson again the 2nd night, but I walked myself in there and woke him up after an hour because I knew I would need his help.  We have made it a team effort with middle of the night feedings and changing.

We are definitely more relaxed bringing a baby home this time.  Wallace is a great baby, too, which helps!


Alyssa said...

I love how many times Caleb falls asleep during this post! Daddy life...its a tough one ;)

Cameron said...

of course my favorite part of this whole story is Caleb falling asleep! hahaha love yall

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