Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas in the Country 2014

I have spent every Christmas Eve since I was born at my parent's house in the country.  I thought once we had kids that we would stay at our house.  But no.  We still spent the night down there and had a blast doing it.  I really do think we may need to stay at home next year so Santa Claus can find the boys, but we'll see.

We went to my parent's house Saturday evening and ate some Christmas ham before going to the Christmas Eve service at church.

Uncle Jordan entertained Wilson with a giant box when we got back.

Grrrrrand Papa gave Wallace some cuddles.

My mom has ALWAYS bought way too many gifts for everyone.

There's nothing sweeter than this kid cuddled up in your lap on Christmas Eve.

Wilson was really into handing out all the gifts.  If he wasn't sure who something belonged to, he took it to Papa.  It was cute.

Wallace slept thru it all.

I love his new duffle bag and beach towel.  We are ready for trips to the lake!

John, Britt, and Thomas got there around 9, and we kept opening gifts.

Thomas gave us some smiles!

John gave Jordan his gift in a diaper box.  

After all of this chaos, we went to bed!  The 4 of us slept in my old room.  That was interesting.  I don't think anybody slept more than 2 hours max, but it was worth it to all be together on Christmas morning.

Toys, Toys, Everywhere!!!

These 3 boys are going to be the best of friends.  Wilson will teach those lil' ones so much ; )

Matching pajamas make me so happy!  And to prove my mom has a shopping problem:  she already bought their PJ's for NEXT Christmas.

Wallace already loves Gigi's shoulder.

Presents for days!  And yes, Santa still comes to see us big kids.

Merry Christmas!

When we were younger, there was always ONE MORE PRESENT.  And it was usually outside.  Wilson is now getting to experience this ONE MORE PRESENT awesomeness.

A new car!  And it's an AUDI.

Spoiled rotten.  Or just really loved ; )

It was a real radio in it.  So cool!

He loved it!

So many memories in this yard from my kid sized Christmas mornings!

I also love how we get fruit in our stockings.  I love this tradition.

These 2...

Best grandparents ever!

The whole gang on Christmas morning.  I had not even seen a hair brush at this point.  

My mom gave Caleb a set of 2 remote control cars, and we had a blast playing with them, with Wilson of course.

My mom's extended family came over for delicious breakfast to wrap up a wonderful Christmas morning!


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