Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More Christmas Day 2014

After some awesome naps, we went to Jeanie's house to continue celebrating Christmas!  

Uncle Dan snapped a pic of our family of 4.  Having a baby just a few weeks before Christmas made me not super excited about my picture being taken.  I still have some weight to lose, hair to be cut, and skin to be tanned, but we had tons of fun celebrating on Christmas Day.

I am slightly obsessed with seeing our 2 precious boys dressed alike.

Wallace was a little small for a longall, but I couldn't resist matching nativity ones.

Wilson remembered finding toys in the attic!

Anna and I played with these so much when we were younger.

Cousin Christy loves holding babies!  And Wallace loves being held.

Linda, in the purple, came to celebrate with us this year because her mother, Mrs. Kingsmore, recently passed away.  She is so sweet, and we were glad to have her.

Crazy Kayla showed up with Jordan.

The piano is always a hit!

These 2 spent a lot of time together ; )

We ate yummy soups and finger foods!

We don't do gifts for adults, but it's adorable how everyone spoils the little kiddos.  Ya'll are so generous!  We love our Aunt Bibi!

That silly grrrrand Papa!

A bag  for all the Thomas trains!

Anna gave Wilson this adorable sweatshirt!

She'll be a married woman next Christmas!

My daddy holding his littlest grandson.

Tom Tom opened some fun gifts, too!

Mom of the year totally forgot to feed her kid.  He finally came to me and said he was hungry.  Whoops!  It was a crazy night ; )

Merry Christmas from the Blackwood family!  We sure do miss our Mama Deanie!

The Gregory's!

We had a busy, fun filled Christmas, but I feel like we were purposeful about pausing to remember the true meaning of this special day.  Thank you, Lord, for all of our many sweet, sweet blessings!  


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