Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wallace 4 Month Stats

Wallace had a healthy 4 month well visit today, and I'm so very thankful for that!  I love that our pediatrician's office is less than 5 minutes from our house.  It makes it so easy.  Our regular doctor, Dr. Colburn, wasn't there today so we saw our 2nd favorite, Dr. Edwards.  They're both great!

Here's Wallace's stats:

Weight: 14.53 lb, 30%
Length: 25.6 in 72%
Head Circ: 16.3 in 43%

His weight and head percentiles were down a little bit, but they aren't concerned at all.  His length percentile came up a good bit.  Maybe he will be tall like his daddy!

Wallace screamed his little head off during his shots, but he was pretty easily calmed down by some Mommy cuddles and fell asleep as soon as we left.  He's needed some extra snuggles, and a dose of Tylenol today, but I haven't minded the snuggles one bit.  Wilson may have gotten a little jealous, but after he got a little extra attention, it's all good.

The right side of Wallace's head is still a teeny bit flatter than the left, but Dr. Edwards said it was no big deal at all.  We were given the green light to start giving our boy some solid food!  I'm so excited!

I do not take healthy well visits for granted.  I feel incredibly blessed to have a healthy 4 month old (and 2.5 year old!).


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