Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wallace 6 Months

My sweet little Wallace,

Half a year!!!  What in the world?!  These 6 months have flown by.  Your gentle, chill, sweet demeanor makes every day go by entirely too quickly.  I want to freeze time and keep you just like you are.  Each month keeps going faster and faster.

You have developed a LOVE for baby food, and you aren't picky at all right now.  You'll eat any fruit or veggie I offer.  You still prefer orange veggies over green, but you'll eat any of them, even the Gerber "mixed vegetables" that looks pretty disgusting.

Your schedule right now is typically:
7 am:  Nurse
7:45 am:  Oatmeal, fruit
8:30:  Nap *If we are at home and you get to nap in your crib, you will sleep for 2 + hours!*
10:30 Bottle or nurse (6oz)
11:30 Veggie
12:30 Nap
2:00 Bottle or nurse
4 pm:  Nap
5 pm:  Nurse
6 pm: Fruit and Veggie
7 pm:  Bath, nurse, bed

There are definitely variations depending on if you're at daycare, home with me, etc., but that's a typical day.  *I'm a lot more laid back about schedules this round, but I still to stick with it* Speaking of daycare, you are so smiley when I get there to pick you up in the afternoons, and you have started reaching for me a little bit.  Those smiles help a lot because pick up can be a tad exhausting, especially if either you or your brother are in bad moods.  You also smile so big at Mrs. Juliane, your teacher.  You love her, and I'm so so glad!

You are loving your Aden and Anais sleep sacks for any time you are sleeping in your crib.

Your first 2 teeth have come through on the bottom!!  It's adorable.  (bottom left came end of April and bottom right beginning of May)  You like to "blow raspberries," and you love cups.  I've given you a sippy cup a couple of times, but you don't have the hang of it quite yet.  

When we read books to you, you kick your little legs and get so excited!  You even help me turn the pages ; )

You are trying to sit up unsupported, and you can do it propping yourself on your arms (that happened first on April 29).

You were not loving your car seat, but then we took out the little infant inserts.  Total game changer.  You LOVE it now and will nap in it when needed.

You love Sofie the teething giraffe as well as bath time!

Since your love for baby food began, my milk supply has gone down.  I'm still producing enough to keep you satisfied, but I'm now sending you one formula bottle to school.  We are in the process of weaning, and I think I'm ok with it.  As long as I'm still making milk, I will probably keep nursing you in the morning and at bedtime for a month or so.  We'll see.

You had your first sick visit this month after having a fever and congestion.  I'm glad I took you in because you had a double ear infection.  Poor little guy.  I hated that you were sick, but I sure did love the way you laid your little head on my shoulder.  Amoxicillin made you all better!

You love your silly big brother.  He can make you laugh so hard, and that makes your daddy and I so happy!  The sillier Wilson is, the more you laugh.  He loves you back, too!

You can now wiggle your way out of the bouncy seat, but you do great in the exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us such a wonderful baby boy.  We are humbled and truly grateful to be his parents.  Please guide us as we raise sweet Wallace in a way to bring honor and glory to you, Lord.

Wallace, thank you for being THE perfect addition to our family.  We couldn't love you more.  Happy Half Birthday!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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