Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wallace meets Pa and ROLLS OVER

About a month ago, we made a road trip to NC to visit Pa and let him meet his newest great grandson.  The ride up went incredibly smooth.  Wallace napped the whole way, and Wilson ate and watched movies.  The ride home was a little more cranky as it was evening time, but it was a great visit and well worth the car fussiness.

4 generations

Pa is a huge Duke fan so I wore my Duke tee shirt for him.

Wallace was sweet as pie, per usual.

Wilson played with Benji, the dog, almost the whole time.  He absolutely loves dogs.

The morning of our visit, I found Wallace sleeping on his tummy.  Later that day, at Pa's house, we all got to witness his first awake roll from back to front.

Come on, buddy!

You can do it!

Hooray!!!!  Go Baby Wallace!!!  He loves to roll onto his tummy.  Now he has a hard time rolling back onto his back, but it doesn't seem to bother him.  I just love that sweet little face.

Pa had a little fall that injured his ear while we were there, but other than, it was a perfect day.  Wilson entertained everybody with his singing, and I have an awesome video of it.

We loved being able to visit with Pa and watching him hold sweet Wallace.


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